FORMOSIS™ Helsinki - investigating timeless design

Formosis means beautiful in Latin. Beauty, functionality and quality are the elements that make a good design. But for timeless design, you need something special – a secret ingredient. We are in search of this mystical component.

FORMOSIS™ introduces a new series of design lighting fixtures. The collection includes interior lamps for private homes, public spaces, hotels and restaurants. Combination of timeless design, innovative shapes and folding techniques give the lamps their unique character. Combining 3D modelling and printing with laser cutting technologies produces exact pieces that fit together and help give the lamps their top quality look and feel.

”Formosis is about understanding the dialogue between form and the chosen material. It's about producing interesting perceptions of shape, texture and light. Our goal is to produce high quality lighting fixtures, which also work as standalone sculptural objects. We hope to offer a new alternative and unique perspective to contemporary Scandinavian design.”
Designer of the collection
architect Aki Hiltunen